Welcome to my shop!

As a lifelong motoring enthusiast I created Oldscooldrivers to offer the items that I love and have a passion for. Why oldscool? Because old is cool! So old’s cool, oldscool! 

As it may be apparent, I love old things and the old way of doing things. Analog cars, mechanical watches, actual paper books and magazines instead of digital versions! In an age of recycling, fast food and one use items, I love things that last, things one can actually form a relationship with!

In Oldscooldrivers you will find a carefully curated collection of Automobilia! You will find wonderful items to add to your collection or great ideas for gifts. As I only stock items that I would buy for myself, I can personally attest for their quality. 

You can also visit my eBay shop where I have been buying and selling stuff since 2006, always with 100% positive feedback! 

You will definitely find something you like and will enhance your motoring hobby! 

See you on the road!