Jaguar Xk 140 Explored Book

Jaguar XK 140 Explored

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Published in November 2010, this really quite extraordinary book from Bernard Viart Edited By Roger Payne records every detail of this popular Jaguar sports car of the mid-1950s. The text is in English, having been translated from Bernard Viart's original French by experts. The task is accomplished in style through over 300 plates featuring some 2,000+ annotated drawings - probably no other car has ever been covered in such precise detail before. Several hundred period photographs also help tell the story of the XK 140 in this unique and most graphic way. Octane Magazine - Jan 2011 Issue BOOK OF THE MONTH "A NEW CONCEPT IN MOTORING BOOKS' says the blurb on the dust jacket, when what it really means is 'No-one but the author would have embarked on such a ludicrously time-consuming project, and if you'd suggested it to anyone else, they would have said you were mad'. But the project has been completed - and the result is fascinating. "The book starts and finishes with conventional chapters on the history of the XK 140 but it's what those chapters book-end that's significant: more than 2000 computer-drawn illustrations of XK 140 parts and how they fit together. And those illustrations aren't just reworking of the line drawings in the Jaguar parts books: every one has been made from scratch by the author Bernard Viart, by studying the original components and dismantling sections of various cars. "The plates occupy just over 300 pages of this 445-page book, and the remaining pages are filled with text and archive photos relating to every aspect of XK 140 history. The quality of reproduction is superb, and the photos are used large, with plenty of space to breathe'. "What you have. then, is a kind of aesthetically pleasing workshop manual-cum-guide to originality, albeit one that's far too handsome to risk taking into the workshop.

  • Hardcover: 446 pages
  • Publisher: Paul Skilleter Books; First Edition edition (2010)
  • ISBN: 978-0955010279